Rashmi Ravi


The technology is in important role in present life. With the intention to gain better understanding of the ideas of people on the future and technology, the interviews have been conducted to my grandfather and one Friend.

Interview Grandfather

I agree that the technology has benefited our lives to large extent. However, I do not think that it can bring the positive effect on the future in the situation that the government and the other parties to take actions to make management on the safety of the technology. With the development of technology, the negative impact and results being brought by it can also be reflected. For example, the safety of the online account of the users can not be protected well. Six months ago, my son helped me make application for one online account so that I can use the account to make online consumption. I have not used this account frequently for I do not need to make the online consumption frequently. I found that I need something so that I decided to buy the staff from online store. However, when I decided to make the online consumption, I have found that my account has been stolen by the others. The money being deposited by me in the account has also been used by the others. I sought help to my friends and my family but they told me that this accident is often happened in their lives. Due to this, I worried about the influence being brought by technology on our future lives and I do encourage all related parties to make efforts to protect the safety of the online account of the users.

Interview Friend

Well, I think that the technology can bring huge positive effect on out future lives. The main reason is that I have benefited from and have felt the convenience of the technology in this period of time. I do no need to come to the stores personally and can buy the things that I want through online consumption at any place and any time. I can download the app to make order of food instead of coming to the restaurant and I can use certain software to buy the things with lower price and the others. All of these activities can be achieved based on the positive state of the technology at present. My life’s standard and quality have been improved largely based on all of these activities. Due to this, I do have the idea that the technology can gain the improvement in the future and it can still bring huge positive effect on our future lives.

From the answers of my grandfather and my roommate, it can find that they have different attitudes and ideas of the role and influence of technology on the future. No matter the technology can affect the future positively or negatively, the important point is that the safety of the users is still needs to be protected well in the future development.


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