Rebecca Tomas

Interview: Into The Future of Technology

For my interview I interviewed my friend Chris who is studying a Bachelor of Science at UNSW. I was lucky enough for him to let me interview him as he is extremely busy.

For my first question I asked how he envisions the future from now? Chris said he envisions the future will be more open. With more open minded people, more relaxed and newer laws to adapt this, and of course more new and advance technologies. Though how will it change from now? Chris: With a newer generation entering the fields of politics and higher positions of major corporations and institutes, how input and the way we perceive the future will greatly impact it. We inevitably create our future and also how we are constantly glued into this wired network, always online, our lives tend to revolve around technology and at this day and age its still not 100 percent reliable, however in the future I’m sure it will be and we will still be very much attached to it more so than now.

Bringing up a topic which many people refer to when trying to envision the future I asked ‘Do you think technology will change dramatically as we see in films or do you think that is more so a myth? If so why?’ Chris: If there is one thing that science fiction has taught us, is that technology isn’t going be restricted to a screen anymore. Technology will be out in the environment, where we will continue to touch, but speak, and think in order to control it. I would too, have to agree with this answer. I believe technology is developing at such a rapid pace and there are constantly new methods and innovative ways on how to do tasks that I definitely believe that technology will not be restricted to a screen as it is more so now.

What new technology can you see humans using regularly?

Chris: Wearable and integrated technology. Technology will find itself in every aspect of life. This including items we wear. Technology will advance in the medical field. Providing better support for those in loss of limb or inbuilt technologies in the internals of a human. – I can definitely see new break through in the medical word for people with difficulties and maybe new break throughs with our medical research in regards to illnesses and diseases that do not yet have a cure.

Do you think everyday life will change dramatically in 20-30 years time from now?

Chris: No, not really. From watching films and what my parents etc have told be, the basis and structure of an ‘everyday life’ hasn’t changed that dramatically, and I foresee it to be the same in the next 20-30 years ahead. Of course small differences will be apparent.

In what new ways will technology evolve more so than it has today?

Chris: More advancements and innovations around sustainability. Using lesser fuels and other ways of producing energy in a more eco friendly method.


Thank you to Chris for letting me interview him. I think from a general and somewhat of a scientific point of view. We got a solid understanding of how one human sees our future and how that might look from a technological point of view.


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