Bonnie Zivcic

INTERVEIW: Technological, Environmental Relationship

Through interviewing two people about their views on human interaction with technology and the environment. Primary research has been developed on two differing views into what the future will see in terms of technology, how it will interact with humans and how humans will go about changing the environment.

The first interview was taken from a senior fashion designer and patternmaker from a large swimwear label. Her view of technology into the future was that there would not be a drastic change in new technologies over the next 35 years but rather increasing in smaller increments to already existing technologies.  With technology in the fashion industry also not having a huge change or advancements since a lot of new technologies like laser cutting have already recently been implemented on a large scale to the mass market. However she also stated that there would probably still be further advancements when it comes to the use of computers within the fashion industry particularly through printing on fabrics. I believe this is definitely the case, for instance we can already see further aspects of fashion designing done digitally through the introduction of computer programs like Optitex which show garment patterns that have been created on the computer, on the 3D form of a body with alterations in colour and patterns and to see how the garment would sit and drape on a body before even a sample garment has to be made.


(Optitex 2014)

 (Optitex 2014)

In terms of the environment she envisioned the public turning away from fast fashion and hopefully from a throw away culture. Instead in the future that there would be an increase in the demand for higher quality items to be made, where they would be cared for and mended rather than tossed out.

The second person interviewed was a young adult male, who saw that advancements in technology would depend on the demand within the market place. With the constant want for devices which create convenience and ease for different tasks, for example hand held portable devices. These items not necessarily being created for tasks of great importance but can be mostly more of a gimmick.

In combination with the creation of technology for convenience it would also see the future progressing to a further on-line state through younger children raised with on-line integration. Leading to a future that will see people less and less interaction with the outside world as on-line computer technology allows for an instant access of information and services.

In terms of the environment, ultimately he saw a future where most people are concerned about the environment, but not passionate enough about the environment to make great changes within their own lives. With the environment being left to technological solutions, creating a future where many places of the natural world have been altered with different types of human technology where there is hardly any pure natural spaces left which can survive in the climate by themselves without the help of human technology.

Here we see two clear different perspectives on technology in the future may progress to, from a fashion point of view, having a closer look into technologies of the fashion industry and from a younger adult male who has grown up with a world of on-line technology.

 Reference List

Optitex 2014, Pattern design software, viewed 25 October 2015, < >.


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