Sabrina Ayana

Society: Big Data

What is big data? Big Data is the term used to describe the vast growth of data nowadays – whether using for business, or networking purposes, it is possible to find almost anything about anyone conveniently through the world-wide web. Considering the on going development in technology which enables us to get a hold of an impressive level of accessibility to a variety of information; are we at a safe place or is it a risk to our privacy?

This idea may vary depending on each individual and their approach to data usage itself. Applicable to other things in life, too much of something is never good. The risk of having a vast growth of population in this world means data growth is bound to change quite rapidly as well. The idea of big data may be described as a massive volume of structured and unstructured data that is indescribably large that it is hard to comprehend using traditional techniques, as it moves and grows quite rapidly throughout time it exceeds regular processing capacity. However, the use of data storage has immensely helped multiple businesses, companies and industries better their performance with the access of information they have to provide faster intuitive decisions.

According to industry analyst, Doug Laney, the conventional definition of big data derives from the simple idea of three V’s, which includes volume, velocity, and variety.

+ There are numerous aspects that contributes to the increase of volume within data / information as our society continues to grow throughout time. Excessive data volume has always been an issue as to the excessive amount of data we store and its security and cost as well. However, as previously mentioned, multiple companies and industries have found the positive usage of having excessive data and have benefit from it as well.

+ Data moves in an un-comprehendible speed (velocity) and should be handled smartly according to its time and place. Fast reactions are required as it updates information as soon as it has been register to avoid mishaps and challenges for most industries and organisations.

+ Data nowadays comes in a variety of kinds and formats that is structured differently. Simply, there are a large amount of data that falls under the category of structured and unstructured datas (which includes generic text documents, emails, videos, audios, etc), yet there are multiple sub categories that falls under these as well. Managing, merging, and governing these datas are still considered as a struggle to manage by most organisations and companies nowadays.

Connecting this issue back to our scenario of an overpopulated, Eco-Friendly community, there are a series of issues that would occur as big data is highly affected by of population growth; therefore, an overpopulated community with an eco friendly state of mind would have the same velocity of data growth as an overpopulated industrial community. Vast technological improvements and population growths will multiply the current data growth speed to a velocity we cannot comprehend.


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