Sabrina Ayana


Humans of The Future focuses on an overpopulated, eco-friendly society, which takes place in Sydney, Australia. Together, we hypothesise scenarios further into the future of 2050, based on our present situation and possible technological solutions within set time. As design students, naturally, we would want to design a product that would not only be effective for future references, but also aesthetically pleasing with multiple functions built in to enhance the idea of convenience with the rate of innovations we have hypothesised within that time. However, seeking inputs from different fields of interest may assist us building this future scenario easier as we have different perspectives and views on our possible future. Individually, we conducted an interview based on our preferences in which we think would help us build this scenario the most.

For this assignment, I have decided to interview one of my friends who studies a completely different degree to my group mates and I to consider other possible scenarios of the future in the eyes of other occupations. Yasha, 19, is a Radiography student in the University of Sydney, and has taken the time of day to answer a few questions I have set up for her regarding our assignment. Firstly, I asked her to envision herself 10 years ago as a 9 year old child – she linked her answers based on her subject and quoted “I thought there would be better technology for healing sicknesses by now”, she mentioned how much more we able to push in technological terms when it comes to diseases and helping others medically. However, she agrees that Sydney is considerably one of the most forward in comparison to other countries in the world. She felt that 10 years is not quite long enough for significant change – which lead me to ask her what she thinks the world is going to be 35 years in to the future (2050), which is the year we are basing our scenario from for our assignment. She quoted, “I’m not sure what the future will be like since I feel like there hasn’t been a significant change from when I was 9. But I think it would be a lot more technologically forward then it is right now because we are moving at a faster pace then we were earlier”. She envisions the future to have numerous instantaneous ways to cure illnesses in the future, or a better health populous in general.

Lastly, before I rounded up this interview, I asked for her opinion on Sydney as an eco-friendly, overpopulated city in the future and she mentioned how she predicts a generally greener city where people would collaborate to create the most out of this green living space we are set to have in the future. This helpful insight from a science major definitely opened my eyes to consider different aspects that makes up a well rounded future for our scenario.


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