Sabrina Ayana

Anthropocene. Are we making a change or are we changing nature?

Little do we realise that we are now living in an Anthropocene – where our daily life activities effects the world and the future ahead of us. We have grown to become unaware of our actions as we speak, and how influential every single step is to the future ahead of us. Every little step we take is a global impact; considering at the rate of population growth happening at this stage, these effects will appear much faster and bigger than ever.

Eveer since we were exposed to the Industrial revolution we have sadly grown to fully rely on natural resources and abuse/overuse them to fulfil our needs (whether it being primary, secondary, or other tertiary reasons) – our earth’s population has multiplied drastically over the years and has impacted the numbers of natural resources we have to suffice comfortable living. When this action of greed to fulfil our needs continue inefficiently, humanity in the future will be deprived of natural resources and would not be able to live as comfortably.

As long as humans find a way to control something, they are in great power and are able to change its beings in various different ways. We have to step back and hypothesis our purposes and its impact on the future. Are we making a change? Or are we changing the nature? And if so, are is it for the bad or good?

The idea of Anthropocene is quite a struggle as various opinions are being proposed until this very moment. Our vast population growth shall not be an issue for our future – we must use it as an advantage to work together so that we can design the future we want to achieve faster.


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